Sales Forecasts

What would be the impact to your business if you knew exactly what to expect? Leverage the predictive power of forecasts.

At Salt Peach we provide innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions for the 21st century business. In a disrupted market the companies that will come out on top are those who leverage the power of analytics and machine learning to give them the edge over the competition. We aren’t in the business of producing models, we care about adding business value.

Tell me if this sounds familiar? You started the year with a well laid plan, but then a global pandemic changed the game.

You are now facing a market unlike any in history, without a guide. Your sales are no longer following their historical patterns. These unpredictable fluctuations have made it difficult for you to make effectively make staffing decisions, manage your supply chain and inventory, or see proper return on your ad spend.

What if we could give you a map? Give you a glimpse into what your future sales will look like based on your current spend strategy?

How much better could you position yourself in the market if you knew what to expect? 

How much better could you make staffing decisions, manage your supply chain and inventory, place your ads, run your company?

We use a mix of your past sales data, marketing spend, and econometric industry data combined with your current spend strategy to forecast your future sales.

Our models have been able to predict within 1% of actual total sales for clients allowing them to use our forecasting numbers to make data supported business decisions across departments.

With an ever shifting marketing we give you a guide to getting the highest ROI that refreshes monthly, that way you can see changes coming before any of your competitors and strategically place your company to come out on top.

Our models have out performed clients previous existing models, which were based on historical sales data alone. This is because in a disrupted market sales may not repeat the same patterns that they have historically. We over come this by including econometric data to represent the economic climate in the model. The better your model represents the real world the more robust your forecasts will be, particularly in a disrupted market where historical trends will not hold.

Historically only large companies with big budgets to support data science teams of their own have been able to leverage the power of their data. At Salt Peach we bring that power of data to companies like yours who do not have the current bandwidth to support building AI solutions in house.

Schedule a demo with us today to see how our forecasting model can help your business thrive in a disrupted market.