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The team at Salt Peach AI Solutions has a diverse background ranging from retail and education to SEO and marketing. This diverse background provides us with the unique insight to


Providing innovative Machine Learning solutions for the 21st century business. From Recommender Systems to Chat Bots and Customer Segmentation find out more about our services here.

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Python NLP: Coding Demo

Are you working with a large website that is full of useful content but the pages were not labeled when they were created? Then you will definitely want to try this Natural Language Processing model

Python Web Scrapper: Example Coding Demo

Collecting and cleaning the necessary data for a data science project is often the most challenging part of the entire project.

There are many instances in which building a web scrapper will be a valuable

Makeover Monday: Spending By Generation

For this weeks Makeover Monday we are taking a look at consumer spending by generation and category. In the original visualization below you can easily see how each individual generation spent in each category.