Traffic Source Analysis

Are you looking to increase conversions on your website? Analyzing your web traffic by source is a great place to start. Here is a basic framework for getting started with traffic source analysis. 

Start by looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. Where are you customers coming from?
    1. What channels are bringing them to the site?
    2. Paid efforts?
    3. Organic?
    4. Specific websites?
  2. What is working well?
    1. Are there specific sources that have better metrics:
      1. First time visit
      2. Return visit
      3. Engagement
      4. Subscribers
      5. Conversions
  3. What could be improved?
    1. Are there specific sources that are struggling?
      1. Bounce rate
      2. Engagement
      3. Return visits
      4. conversions
  4. What combination of sources bring users to the site?
    1. Are their common paths between sources:
      1. Example: First time visit was paid search, return visit is organic
    2. Could we help improve those paths:
      1. Examples
        1. Paid advertising remarketing
        2. Improved SEO efforts on key path pages

Not sure how to find insights on your own? Let us help, we can build a custom report that delivers the answers you need. 

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