For Make Over Monday this week we are looking at data for wind energy produced by each state in 2018. The original visulisation was a bar graph similar to the one below.

I wanted to include a similar bar graph in my visualizations because the bar graph did a great job of illustrating the large range of equivalent house holds powered by wind energy. It clearly shows how large the difference is between the state that powers the most households with wind energy, Texas, even when compared with the next largest producer of wind energy Oklahoma. This visualization clearly shows that Texas is leading the way when it comes to powering homes with wind energy.

I also thought it would be useful to see this data displayed in a geographical context which is why I created this visualization of the continental united states.

The color gradient in this visualization also highlights Texas as the largest producer of wind energy in the United States. You can also see that there appears to be more wind energy produced in the midwest, followed by the west coast when compared to the east coast indicating regional differences. These differences by region could lead to further investigations, are these differences due to climate, space, or politics?

Finally I wanted a table of rankings for quick and easy reference which you can find below.

Did you create a Tableau visualization for Make Over Monday? I would love to see it, leave your link in the comments below.

2 Replies to “Make Over Monday: Which States Produce The Most Wind Energy”

    1. Hey Olivia! For Makeover Monday the provide links to the databases that they are using that week but there are lots of great places to find data. I usually will start off with a google search and see what comes up. A couple of sites that have good data ready to use are data.world and Kaggle. Kaggle is a data community so they also have free trainings and competitions.

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